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Laura Cadman's Atlantis Journal
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1st-Feb-2008 08:09 pm - Back
Laura with gun
I am back from my trip to Earth. I feel much better now!

I was just saying over at the Atlantis Message Board that Samantha had McKay make that Lorne helped me feel better about all this. And by this I mean my ex-boyfriend Carson being gone. We broke up then later he was just killed. I know all of us know we will not live forever, but his passing hit me hard.

Teyla said that Lorne has talked to her about being "with child" and all. He is an all around nice guy with a good aim with that gun.

I wonder if Ronon might be up for a run?
18th-Jan-2008 01:42 am - JE: Carson
Laura blue
It has been a month since Carson has talked to me in his Ascended form. I miss him! He told me he talks to Weir. He said he goes to visit her on her ship..that can't be right!
1st-Jul-2007 08:14 am - JE: I Keep Looking!
Larua grin
I know that Carson is gone, but I keep looking. I think for some reason that he is on Atlantis. McKay said he thought he was visited by him while he was outside working on something or another. I thought I saw Carson walking along a deck high above me. When I got there, he was gone.

Has he ascended? Is there a Carson from an alternative universe here?
25th-Feb-2007 03:49 pm - JE: Hanging Out
Laura with gun
Just hanging out here on Atlantis. Not much has happened lately. There has not been a single killing or Wraith to be heard of.

Some new people showed up in the science department and asked for McKay. When he showed up, they paused looking around then said, "Um no we want to talk to the other one...the cool one." That did not go over so well...LOL!

Well, got to go get a run and shower in before time for the movie. Sheppy-boy picked out the movie this time and we are watching First Contact. Yet another Star Trek movie. I like this one, but I think Shep-irk has been getting tired of the Kirkish names, and is trying to drone Next Generation Star Trek into us. Ok so now tonight we plan on having a chat if he is Kirking or if he is just being Riker...LOL!

Have to go for real this time, McKay just got his hand stuck in the trash compactor again!
26th-Nov-2006 05:07 pm - JE: Gone and Back!
Larua grin
I went back to Earth for duty then had a month off. I just got back to Atlantis.

It seems that everyone has been on to Sheppy-boys "make it an order" mantra that he chants since that Ronon thing happened...LOL! Now he tried not to say it...LOL! You know when he is fighting the urge to say "Make It An Order" when his eyes dart around then he says, "just do it already!" LOL! I wonder if he ever found out that we kept substituting sexual positions and things in for the word 'order'?

I think Ronon and Teyla are starting to get up to date with the Earth phrases for sex because they knew what McKay meant when he imitated Sheppy by saying, "Make it a BJ!" LOL!

I have a hot date with Carson tonight! Gosh I miss him and his goodness. I always feel like I am emotionally safe around him. I can let my guard down with him, and I am not sure how I feel about that.

Oh well, I never noticed how much shorter I am than Weir until she hugged me today when I got back. I think she has taken me into her circle of friends like a sister or something. I still think she would make one hell of an evil Dominatrix! I wonder who I could ask about that...maybe McKay or Shepp? Maybe not...who then...?
8th-Jul-2006 02:20 am - JE: Make it an order!
Laura with gun
It is the middle of the night, and I can not sleep. Weir told me if that happens for gods sake not to run around the living areas. So, I am writing something in this journal she wants us to keep. Personally, I think this is to keep tabs on us in case the Wraith zap us!

I hope no one is up because they find a way to hack into these Atlantis laptop journals, and I am trying to hide from Shep right now. Ok, so no one told me why he has that white kitten stuffed animal in his room! How was I to know what would happen when I touched it?

Shep said, "Put that down now!"

Ronon whispered in my ear, "Ask him if it is an order..."

So stupid me I did.

His reply in a child like high pitched voice, "Make it an order!"

OMG I thought Ronon was going to die from shaking trying not to laugh. Yep, I had no idea it was being video taped for one of Atlantis vids they keep making that we can't send home.

When I set the stuffed animal down I must have pushed a button on it because music started playing, "You are my sunshine my only sunshine..."
8th-Jul-2006 12:39 am - Jaime's Past...
Larua grin
Hi all,

I got this about her acting career in the past from Nestina at Tripod

Click here to read...Collapse )
9th-Mar-2006 10:05 pm - JE: As The Day Goes On...
Laura with gun
I am taking a break.

I have been running all around trying to find everyone and I have been unable to find anything out other then Atlantis is out of chocolate!
24th-Jan-2006 02:42 pm - Laura, Rodney, Shep, and Ronon
Jamie Close Up
Here are some GIFs from Critical Mass and Hive on Atlantis:

GIFsCollapse )
19th-Jan-2006 06:13 pm - JE: Leave Isolation Room
Laura with gun
I don't know why, but no one is answering me when I ask quesitons now. It could be that McKay got tired of hearing me talk after all that time he had to hear me in his head. I wonder if they all got sick and can not respond?

I might have to leave my isolation room soon and do some reconasance to determine what is going on here.

I will need to get some antibiodics and tylenol for myself and check to see if McKay has any food in his isolation room.

I think I will take a nap and then when I get up...see what I can do.
5th-Jan-2006 12:35 pm - JE: Isolation
Cadman hospital bed
I am stuck in an isolation room. I have been trying to find out what is going on here. I hope I am not sick, but I just emailed the members of the team something that is making me wonder about my sanity.

I hope that they will help me soon as I fear I may be sick after all. It may not be safe for me to have a gun right now or to be typing as I think my mind is slipping. I have no concept of time.

I am afraid I have been mixing up things from the past into events in the present. Then again, it could all have been a dream and I typed it in my journal when I was still kind of asleep and did not fully know what I was doing. It may be because I have not been getting enough sleep lately.
2nd-Jan-2006 11:30 am - Improve for 2006
Jamie Close Up
<td align="center"> How Lauracadman should improve for 2006:


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30th-Dec-2005 08:49 pm - JE: Gifts from McKanna
Laura with gun
Ok, Weir here is what you want to see in my journal for regulations...then I will put in my own things. No need to review it Weir and Rodney if you are reading my journal again, I will sick McKanna on you!

Got up early, went for a five mile run, and did a 6 hour guard duty in the gateroom. Nothing happened that was note worthy except for Shep getting shot at by a Wraith dart that almost made contact with the Stargate. None of the shots entered the Stargate, so we are alive to type these mandatory journals once again...WOW Love my life! Um...yeah.

Ok, now for personal info. Hey, McKanna...I know you are reading this because I gave you the codes to be able to read this journal. I will be heading over to yours shortly. The green dress that matched my eyes went off lovely...I mean it went off like a charm...um...I mean the dress did the job! Thanks for the gifts! I don't always buy myself those kind of things, but I know from now...when I get back to Earth, I will be stocking up! He loved my hair flipped up how you put it. He kept having to touch my neck and play with my earrings. That was a great touch...I mean the items you gave me. Thanks a million! Let me know if you want me to help you out stalking any of the guys here. The pleasure would be all mine...um...yours! LOL!

I have a picture over in the relaxation room of the song I sang to him tonight!

Journal Continued with PhotoCollapse )
19th-Dec-2005 10:17 pm - Atlantis GIF
Jamie Close Up
Hi all,

Here is an Atlantis gif...for now I will put it on the first comment till I get the link to cut it into the first one...

Atlantis GIFCollapse )
18th-Dec-2005 12:51 pm - JE: After the Party
Laura with gun
Cadman: Well, it is the day after the party.

It is after lunch here, and I just managed to get awake. I have no idea whose clothing I am wearing...I hope I am still wearing my own under garments! Yep, I am...thank the gods and goddesses!

I think I have a hang over (thump!) oh, yeah I do for sure! I am hiding under my blankets with my laptop. At least I made it back to my own room. What did they put in that Harvest Drink anyway? Gosh and I also drank some of that stuff that Ronon brought...wait I think I have some...it might help to take a sip...(slurp) OK, bad idea. Maybe it will help in the long run.

I have my door locked now, and I turned off my head set. I am not on the rotation for work detail today. might have had something to do with the fact that I promissed Rodney and Shep that I would not post the pictures of them from the party! LOL! I might go ahead and do that later today.

Hey Dr. Innogen McKanna, if you are reading my journal today...I tryed to change the password to see if I could get the gremlins to go away...do you have anything I could take for said hangover? How did the water play go? I must be having memory problems because the last thing I remember was Rodney streeking across the party skreaming "the Red Coats are Coming, the red coats are coming!" But then again I remember Beckett in a red pair of shorts...hu? Were we swimming?

Later...I think I need to download my camera and see what I came up with and then get a shower!
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